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Una giovinezza enormemente giovane


Antonio Calenda pours the intensive acting abilities of Roberto Herlitzka, alone on the stage, into the emaciated body and lucid spirit of Pier Paolo Pasolini. An enormously young youth, written by Gianni Borgna, is a production which crumbles around a foreboding, almost prophetic monologue, on the one hand paying homage to the thoughts of the writer, created through the evocation of his works, and on the other consecrating his prophetic intuition on social and political fronts. One reflects, therefore, on current affairs through the words of a man who was capable of deciphering current affairs with a reckless foresight.

In a metaphysical evocation of the death of Pasolini, explains the director, we imagine that the writer sees himself massacred on the beach in Ostia. It is from this point that the show begins.


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